Immediate Response


A power failure at a major public utility company called for immediate response

UPS Rental Responds

In the early AM hours on a Saturday morning, a major public utility company contacted UPS Rental to resolve its crisis quickly. The customer’s critical charger failed.  The failure jeopardized the power grid for a large portion of the state.

While the customer was running on back-up batteries, UPS Rental dispatched a Field Engineer to deliver and commission a rental system before the back-up batteries were depleted.

With our vast inventory of “ready-to-deploy” equipment, UPS Rental had an exact duplicate DC charger on-site and online within hours of the initial service call.  The customer’s back-up batteries were less than 50% depleted. From the initial service call until the rental charger was online, the crisis was resolved in less than (4) hours.

One Phone Call – Problem Solved

Our customer did not need to make several phone calls looking for a solution.  He knew UPS Rental could resolve his issue quickly. With one phone call the problem was handled.

Critical power systems are more important today than ever before. Understanding this criticality, UPS Rental deploys quickly: From receipt of your order until the time of equipment shipping, our average deployment time is typically (2) hours.

Our staff of Field Engineers are on-call 24/7 and their vast technical knowledge allows them to assess a situation and resolve it quickly.

Don’t waste time making calls and surfing the web, call UPS Rental today.


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