Working with Sensaphone ®


As providers of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for mission-critical operations, we need to constantly monitor our project sites. This involves having engineers available 24 hours a day (every day of the year) who ensure that all of our UPS systems are fully operational at all times.

This critically important work could not be done, however, without the products from our long-time partner, Sensaphone. Headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, Sensaphone provides remote monitoring systems and early detection products for a range of industries. They have more than 400,000 systems in use today, and we are proud to be among their worldwide client base.

At UPS Rental, we contract with Sensaphone to provide us with cellular monitoring systems for all of our UPS system trailers, which are self-contained outdoor units that house UPS systems ranging from 15,000 watts to 2 megawatts. Cellular monitoring works perfectly for us because our trailers do not have network or internet connections due to both logistical reasons and data security concerns.

We currently use 28 Sensaphone CELL682 devices to monitor our trailers’ UPS systems and air conditioners. Sensaphone has provided us with constant and reliable monitoring of these critical operations. If the Sensaphone device detects a problem, our on-call engineers are notified immediately which is crucial to us being able to do our job well.

Recently, we were pleased to be the subject of a Sensaphone UPS Rental Case Study. We think this is a great piece, and we look forward to our continuing partnership with them.

Soon, we will upgrade our UPS systems cellular monitoring by migrating to the cloud-based Sensaphone Sentinel PRO system. This new system will provide us with vital information like voltage, current temperature, and output current. We will be able monitor our trailer sites more proactively and identify issues before problems occur – making us an even stronger provider for UPS Rental systems.

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