5 Things You May Not Know About a UPS Rental Trailer


1 – Trailers are Self-Contained

Self-contained means all VRLA batteries are securely installed in racking and ready for transport for immediate hook up upon arrival onsite. Our units always arrive onsite fully assembled. Others may ship the batteries separately but this is costly, labor intensive and completely unnecessary. State of the art air ride suspension trailers allow for this seamless transportation from our site to yours.

2 – Paralleled Power

Trailers are able to be paralleled – up to 5MVA. The rental units are soft scalable – meaning they function the same at their smallest possible power output to their highest. This offers greater control if job requirements / load size changes at the last minute. Scalability also provides greater assurance that we will have your desired output when you need it.

3 – Total Discretion

UPS Rental equipment often provides a power solution for an urgent issue, an issue that may be sensitive or confidential. UPS Rental Trailers are unmarked and discreet with no labeling or outward indication of what’s inside the unit (s).   

4 – Lead Acid Batteries

All UPS Rental Trailers are equipped with DataSafe HX batteries; most house HX 540 but our 1MVA trailers are equipped with HX 560 – pure lead batteries for greater reliability and multiple strings for redundancy.  

Mature, reliable and well-understood technology – sealed lead acid batteries are durable and provide dependable service. DataSafe batteries incorporate design features that maximize reliability and ensure performance; including flame retardant case and cover, leak resistant containers, AGM separators, increased energy density and are classified as non-spillable.

Others may use Lithium Ion for temporary power rentals. It’s important to note, lithium is subject to transportation regulations – large quantities are subjected to regulatory control. A lithium-ion battery will reach a “thermal runaway” state more easily than its lead acid counterpart as it has a lower cell resistance and higher energy storage capacity than a lead acid battery.

The lead acid battery is the preferred choice for hospital equipment, wheelchairs, emergency lighting and UPS systems.

5 – 2N

Redundancy is defined as the inclusion of extra components which are not strictly necessary to functioning, in case of failure in other components.*

Redundancy matters. Our trailers go beyond N+1 to 2N – systems contain double the amount of equipment needed that run separately with no single points of failure. What does this mean for our UPS Rental Trailers –

4 Air Conditioners

Multiple Battery Strings

Redundant HVAC Controllers

2N systems are far more reliable than N+1.


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