Data Center Construction


Data Center UPS Solutions

During data center construction or renovation, a UPS Rental trailer or standalone unit can provide a short or long-term solution to provide main power or standby power throughout the construction. We understand your needs and concerns as a mission critical power dependent facility planning a data center. UPS Rental can deploy a fully contained trailer or a standalone unit to your site within 2 hours. Our trailers and units range in size from 50kVA to 5MVA with the availability to parallel up to (5) 1MVA trailers to provide an 5MVA/MW N+1 solution.

Mission critical facilities face challenges such as: space requirements, power and cooling availability, physical and operational disruption. Data center construction or renovation only exacerbates those challenges.

We recognize that you depend on reliable systems that eliminate single points of failure. A generator can provide interrupted long-term protection but only a UPS system can provide the uninterruptible power that a mission critical facility requires.


Our units and trailers have provided data center power for:

  • Hospitals

  • Financial Institutions

  • Major Retail Stores

  • Government Facilities

  • And many more

UPS Rental is experienced and prepared to face the unique challenges and risks that come with providing equipment and services to facilities that can’t afford downtime.

Still Planning or Ready Now?

upsrental_construction_2If you are planning your data center construction now, fill out this form for an advance quote for budgetary numbers. Based on the information you provide, we can supply you with a comprehensive quote for your specific needs.

If you’re ready now for a standalone rental unit or trailer, call today for availability and a fast turnaround time. In most cases, UPS Rental is able to deploy a rental within 2 hours.

In addition to standalone and trailer mounted uninterruptible power rentals, UPS Rental can also assist with your data center construction by providing battery charger rentals custom battery systems.